Dehumidifiers Review


We’ve sourced dehumidifiers from around the world and reviewed them to give you an unbiased look at their benefits, faults and affordability.

We’ve taken the time and put in the effort to truly give you everything you need to know about these product – honest, useful and trustworthy.




Adding a dehumidifier to your home is essential appliance to healthy living. The benefits of having a dehumidifier running in your home include the following:

  • Reduces humidity levels making your home less hospitable to allergens such as dust mites, mold and mildew.
  • Not disruptive to your daily life as it runs quietly and efficiently allowing for the lack of sleep deprivation.
  • Reduces odors that can accompany mold and mildew in your bedroom.
  • Reduces the possibility of mold developing on your clothing, furniture, curtains, bed sheets and other linens.
  • Reduces irritation to your skin and your respiratory system, allowing you to breathe easier and feel comfortable especially at night.
  • Allows clothing to dry faster.
  • Reduces dust in your bedroom.
  • Helps with flood restoration.



With excellent benefits for your health, it seems important to purchase a dehumidifier for your home. But before you spend your money purchasing a dehumidifier, here are a few things to keep in mind:


What Do You Need It For


There are various types of dehumidifiers that are used for various things. You don’t want to stuck with an industrial, flood-recovery dehumidifier in bedroom, but rather one that is small, and works perfectly at relieving allergy symptoms, or prevents mildew in you bedroom. Once you know what you’re going to use your dehumidifier for, you can make a more informative decision when purchasing one for your bedroom.


Know Your Space


It’s important to choose the right size dehumidifier, as the unit may not be able to remove enough moisture from the air if it is too small, and too much if it is too big. If you get a dehumidifier that is too small for a room, it will waste energy by working too hard and won’t have the longevity that you need.


Shop Around


Make sure you spend some time doing your research on different brands before making your final purchase. Think about what will work best for your particular needs as well as the size of your bedroom. Different brands offer different types of models with different features including design, capacity and draining method.


What Is The Room’s Temperature & Humidity Level


Both indoor temperature and humidity levels affect the performance of dehumidifiers. Using a dehumidifier in a low-temperature space like a garage or basement, you need to make sure that it will continue to operate efficiently in the cold climate. The coils in the unit may freeze up, and may it will become ineffective.


Does It Have A Drain Hose Attachments


All dehumidifiers collect the water that they remove from the air, and you should consider how yours will eliminate this water. Standard dehumidifiers contain buckets that you must empty regularly, and automatically shut off when the buckets are full. Most modern dehumidifiers come equipped with drain hose attachments, which allows water to drain away without you having to empty buckets.