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GeneralAire DS25LC - Elite Whole House Steam Humidifier (Low Conductivity Model) with Duct Kit, GFI # 5577

GeneralAire DS25LC - Elite Whole House Steam Humidifier (Low Conductivity Model) with Duct Kit, GFI # 5577


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GeneralAire DS25LC - Elite Whole House Steam Humidifier with Duct Kit, GFI # 5577

A whole-house humidifier can be a great addition to your home. Maintaining the right humidity level in your home keeps you feeling more comfortable at a lower set temperature, helps to preserve the structural integrity of your home, including that of wood floors, cabinets, and furniture, and has many health benefits including the reduction of allergy and asthma symptoms, as well as the reduced likelihood of respiratory infections.

The GeneralAire DS25LC is a whole-home electrode steam humidifier designed to be ducted into your HVAC system, or room operated with the optional RMB35 fan-pack. This is the low-conductivity model designed for homes that have low ion content in the water, which typically means naturally soft water. It is best to have the conductivity of your water tested with a conductivity meter prior to selecting your humidifier.

The DS25LC is the larger of the Elite Steam series and runs on 230V power, unlike the smaller DS15P, which runs on 110V power. With an output of 25-35 gallons per day and a coverage area of up to 6,000 square feet, this unit will exceed the output of any bypass or fan-powered unit without all the water waste. Steam is also the cleanest form of humidification and ensures you aren't introducing any unwanted bacteria or mold into the air in your home. 

The DS25LC features an automatic digital humidistat that provides set it and forget it convenience, as well as an informational LCD display so you always know that status of your humidifier and when it's time to replace the steam cylinder.

What's included:

  • GeneralAire DS25LC Elite steam humidifier
  • Installation manual
  • Drilling template
  • Installation / mounting screws
  • Power wire clamps
  • Steam adapter fittings
  • Installation kit
  • 6' steam hose
  • Steam nozzle
  • 9' condensate hose
  • Water line fill connector
  • GFX3 automatic digital humidistat
  • Code valve
  • Drain tube
  • Water supply tubing kit, 10'
  • Air pressure proving switch
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